How A Few Extra Pounds May Help You Live Longer

Almost every day we hear about how the world is getting fatter.

And it’s true: global obesity rates are steadily increasing, with 1.3 billion adults considered overweight and another 600 million considered obese.

In the U.S., obesity is often cited as one of the biggest contributors to ill health, especially diseases that lead to mortality.

While many developed countries are experiencing similar problems, obesity rates in the United States are the highest in the world.

Two out of every three American men are now considered to be overweight or obese. The rates are even higher in U.S women.

It’s bad, right?

But here’s something that will shock you even more. Being overweight won’t necessarily kill you. In fact, you may even live longer!

It’s all in today’s special report. This is one you just have to read!


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