Coca Cola: The Spermicide You DON’T Want Your Daughter Using

There sure are some strange myths out there!

And when it comes to contraception, it seems people will believe anything.

But Coca Cola as a spermicide? How on earth did that come about?

Well – as crazy as it sounds – science has actually shown that the world’s most popular soft drink does indeed kill sperm.

But not in the way you might think.

And not in a way that makes it an ‘alternative’ to real contraceptive options!

Unfortunately, that’s not the message some young people get.

And it’s far less embarrassing to buy a bottle of Coke than a pack of condoms, right?

This special report will explain exactly how the “Coca-Cola Sperm-Killer” rumor got started, and why it’s a VERY bad idea to trust in its so-called spermicide function: especially if you’re a young woman.

This is one myth that needs to be cleared!


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