Why Cheap Fish Oils Can Do More Harm Than Good

If you’ve ever taken any interest in natural health supplements, you’ll probably know that fish oil is one of the most highly-recommended on the market.

There’s a lot of research on omega-3 supplementation. These special dietary fats are essential for healthy cardiovascular function, nervous system function, brain development, immune system function and even skin health. Plus a heap of other things.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find fish oil supplements EVERYWHERE. They’re in every supermarket, health store, magazine and online. Hundreds of different fish oil products all claiming to make you younger, smarter and more beautiful.

But not all fish oil products are alike!

Some are better than others. And some are downright BAD. One study has even linked fish oil supplementation to cancer.

(That’s ONE study out of the thousands that have linked fish oil to better health).

So, how do you tell which fish oil products are good and which aren’t?

We’ve done that work for you. It’s all in this special report!

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