Why The Pap Smear Screening Test Had To Change

Every woman knows about it, and every woman dreads it. But we all put up with it, because – well, we have to do it, right?

It’s the Pap smear. If you’re a woman over 18 and sexually active, you will have already experienced the not-so-pleasant Pap smear.

Until recently, Pap smears were hailed as one of the best preventative measures for cancer in the medical world. Women were recommended to have a smear every two years to detect any abnormalities that could develop into cancer.

But, with 4000 women still dying of cervical cancer each year, it’s clear that something needed changing.

That’s why cervical cancer screening tests are now being done differently – and less often.


Well, we’ve got all the details for you today in this special report.

This is one that all women should read!

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