Why A ‘Normal’ Test Result May Not Mean You’re Healthy

When your doctor tells you that you need to undergo a certain test, you might be a little worried.

Sometimes it’s a fairly standard sort of test, like a blood test to check your iron count or an eyesight test to check how well you can see when you’re driving.

Then there are the more serious tests, like the ones to check for infections or chronic diseases.

These kinds of tests may make you a little nervous or stressed.

So, when the doctor tells you that everything is ‘normal,’ you’ll be understandably relieved!

But here’s the thing: ‘normal’ isn’t always what it seems.

In fact, ‘normal’ may mean you’re as sick like all the other patients who have undergone the same test.


We’ll explain the real meaning of a normal test result – and why it’s not the same as a healthy test result.

Read all about it in our special report.

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