The Five Most Common Medical Misdiagnoses: Do You Have One?

When you’re sick, in pain, or just not quite feeling yourself, there’s really only one place to turn for advice.

(And no, it’s not Google!)

Your doctor.

Whether you’ve known your doctor all your life or just for five minutes, you can rest assured that you’re seeing a trained professional who will ask the right questions and make the right diagnosis.

That’s their job!

But, hang on – what about the research showing that diagnostic errors affect at least 1 in 20 US adults?

And that about half of these errors could potentially be harmful?

Does your doctor really know what he or she is doing? Or are you still suffering from your symptoms because you’ve been misdiagnosed?

As it turns out, there are several conditions that doctors commonly misdiagnose.

You need to read on to see if you’re currently suffering from one of them!

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