Hate Out-Of-Pocket Expenses? Here’s How To Cut Them Down

If you have health insurance (and you should!) you’ll know what ‘out-of-pocket’ expenses are.

And you’ll hate them!

As the name suggests, ‘out of pocket’ means out of YOUR pocket.

These are any expenses for medical care that aren’t covered by your insurance policy.

But they can also include deductibles, coinsurance, and copayments for services that ARE covered.

And of course, these costs are on top of the fee you’re paying for your health insurance!

Out-of-pocket costs can be totally unexpected.

Sometimes you just make the mistake of using a health provider that isn’t covered by your insurer

In an ideal world, you’d just have one monthly payment: the standard fee for your insurance.

Well, you CAN have that.

You just need to know how! We’ll explain more in our special report.


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