Don’t Let A Hospital Cut Corners On Your Care: Here’s What To Do

If you’ve ever had to stay in the hospital for a period of time, you’ll know how dependent you are on the staff around you.

Whether you’re having a small procedure or a serious one, there are certain things you expect – and need – done for you while in the ward.

Things like clean sheets, fresh water, access to the bathroom and mobility support.

After an operation, you may be as helpless as a child.

You’ll need somebody to do EVERYTHING for you.

But what if the nurses are too busy?

When under pressure, hospital staff may be forced to cut corners.

Sometimes they’ll delay their rounds to each ward, or worse – like neglecting to check a patient properly.

A recent report found that for every extra patient added to a nurse’s workload, there may be at least one hospital-acquired infection in every thousand patients.

How can you avoid becoming a victim of an overloaded nurse who’s forced to cut corners?

Simple: read on!

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