Discharged Too Early? Here’s How To Fight Back

Ask anyone about the best part of their stay in the hospital, and they’re guaranteed to say one thing: going home!

As necessary as your hospital stay might be, it’s not somewhere you’d choose to spend a lot of time.

It’s a place for being looked after while you’re ill or injured or having treatment.

Once you’re well, you want outta there.

But what if you’re told to leave before you’re ready?

There’s a big difference between wanting to go home and being ready to!

Determining the best time to be discharged from the hospital can be tricky for both you as the patient and for the staff caring for you.

What’s alarming is that there seems to be a higher rate of people being sent home before they’re actually fully recovered.

Can you trust your doctor if he or she says you have to leave your hospital bed?

What rights do you have to disagree with them?

These are big questions – and they could be a matter of life or death.

You’ll need to read our special report to find out the answers!

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