Called An Ambulance? It Could Cost You Thousands: Here’s Why


You’re in a car accident: there are wreckage, fumes, and blood everywhere.

Or, you’ve fallen down the stairs: your leg is in agony, and you know something’s broken.

Or, you’re at a family gathering when your father suddenly clutches his heart and gasps that he can’t breathe.

What do you do? You call 911, of course!

You need urgent medical assistance, and you need it now.

Of course, sometimes the situation doesn’t turn out to be an emergency after all.

The car accident resulted in other minor injuries, your ankle was just sprained, and your father just had indigestion.


But, later, when you receive a bill for $1000, you might not be thinking ‘phew.’

How is it fair that emergency services cost so much?

Especially when it may have been a life-or-death situation?

Unfortunately, that’s exactly the case. We’ll explain why – and what you need to know when you call 911.


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