Are Your Medical Records Being Hacked? Here’s How To Avoid It

Most of us couldn’t imagine life without the internet.

Digital is everything: it’s how we get information, communicate, express ourselves and share data.

It’s even how we order pizza!

In fact, many people now live their lives online.

They work, date, navigate their way through traffic and chat with their friends – all online.

So it should come as no surprise that their health records are online, too.

But – wait a minute.

Is the world wide web really the sort of place where medical records belong?

How safe is it?

A recent study shows that nearly one in eight Americans have had their medical records compromised in some way.

In 2015, it was found that one-third of all data breaches occurred in healthcare.

Thieves can access private information about you and your health.

Are you okay with that?


Well, you better find out how you can stop them from getting it!

It’s all in our special report.


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