Are You At Risk Of HIV By Visiting Your Doctor?

Visiting the doctor when you’re ill is as natural as going to the kitchen when you’re hungry. A doctor is a trained medical professional: you trust that they’ll make you well, or at least know what needs to happen to make you well.

But what many of us forget is that doctors and nurses are humans, too. Some take shortcuts. Some forget things. And some just don’t bother to do what they should.

Unfortunately, this can be life-threatening.

Over the past few decades, numerous reports have emerged of doctors and nurses failing to comply with stringent hygiene practices – namely with syringes.

It’s been found that certain clinics who reused vials or needles on multiple patients have infected innocent people with MRSA, hepatitis or even AIDS.

How careful is YOUR doctor? Would you know either way?

Don’t become one of the statistics.

It’s time you know the truth behind America’s “dirty needle” practices.


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