Leg Pain? You Could Be About To Have A Heart Attack

When we think of someone having a heart attack, we usually think of what we’ve seen in the movies: someone grabbing their chest, gasping, and falling to the ground.

However, in most cases, it’s nothing like that. A heart attack can happen without any pain or symptoms.

And the warning signs for a heart attack might not even happen in your heart.

You see, clogged arteries don’t just affect the heart. Other parts of the body are affected too.

It’s called peripheral arterial disease (PAD), and if you’re over 50, a smoker, or have a family history of diabetes, cardiovascular disease or similar, you’re at risk.

When there’s not enough blood going to your limbs, your whole body is affected. Most people don’t even realize that their leg pain is the first sign they’re in danger of a heart attack or a stroke.

Want to save your life? Or someone else’s? It’s time to find out how PAD kills – and how you can prevent it.


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