You Can Still Get Skin Cancer In The Fall: Unless You Do This

Oh, summer!

Holiday time!

Beach, baseball, barbecues… and SUN!

Of course, there are those pesky UV rays, too.

But as long as you slap on a bit of sunscreen and avoid baking yourself to a crisp, you’ll be fine.

It’s a small price to pay for the glorious, blue-sky days that you get to enjoy!

And when winter sets in, you can push the sunscreen and floppy hats to the back of the cupboard again.

But wait a minute: just because the sun isn’t as hot, does it really mean it’s not as harmful?

The sun may be hiding behind clouds, but those UV rays haven’t gone anywhere.

According to research, you’re JUST as likely to be burned on a cool, cloudy day.

While you might feel silly wearing sunscreen in the fall, it could save your life.

We’ll explain why you have to protect yourself – and your kids – from that killer sun all year round.

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