The Four Nutrients That Help Beat Breast Cancer

We all know that eating well goes hand-in-hand with a longer life and better health.

And that’s never so important as when you’ve been struck down by cancer.

For women, recovering from breast cancer is no mean feat. You need all the help you can get – and studies show that that help is best given in the form of a healthy diet.

Many women go through their cancer treatment feeling much worse for wear. Chemotherapy and other drugs leave them with serious nutritional deficits, fatigue, joint pain, muscle aches, emotional exhaustion, aches, weaknesses, and reduced immunity.

However, researchers are now showing that those women who focus on a healthy diet and lifestyle during their cancer treatment not only feel better, but have a better chance of survival.

Just four nutrients are needed to boost your chances of beating breast cancer. No expensive supplements are alternative therapies (unless you want them!). Just four simple foods that you can find quite cheaply in your local supermarket.

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