How To Avoid Cancer Even If It Runs In Your Family

So, your great aunt had cancer.

And your cousin.

And your brother…

Which must mean you’re next, right?

We know that cancer is caused by a huge variety of factors: lifestyle, diet, environment.

It’s even been suggested that psychological trauma may have an impact.

But genetics is also a big cause, right?

Well, yes and no.

Many of us believe that cancer ‘runs in the family’ – and that we can’t avoid it.

But this only true to an extent.

Before you start panicking about when and how you’ll develop the deadly C-word, we’ve got some news for you.

If someone in your family has cancer – or has had it – it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get it.

That’s IF you take action first.

It’s all to do with how you live your life!

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