New Nasal SPRAY Fixes Severe Low Blood Sugar

One minute, you’re fine.

You’re washing the dishes or watching TV, or you’re walking to the local store to pick up the morning paper.

Then, suddenly – BOOM.

Your head is spinning and everything is turning upside down…

You may even wake up to find yourself on the ground, your head in the dog’s bowl of kibble.

Or, a bunch of horrified onlookers standing around you, all calling for an ambulance.

We’re not trying to be funny.

This is a very real situation for anyone with diabetes.

Chances are, you’re already experienced it.

Hypoglycemia – aka low blood sugar – is a common complication of diabetes.

It’s more common in Type 1 diabetes, but Type 2 sufferers can also experience low blood sugar if they take too much insulin.

In other cases, blood sugar levels can drop if you haven’t eaten enough or if you’ve exercised for a really long time.

While blood sugar is usually thought of as a BAD thing, it’s actually very necessary.

Your body needs a certain amount of sugar to function properly.

When blood sugar levels are too low, things start going wrong.

You’ll feel dizzy, hungry, confused and weak. You may experience blurred vision, sweating, irritability, and slurred speech.

If low blood sugar levels aren’t treated urgently, things can get nasty very quickly.

Lack of blood sugar can lead to disorientation, convulsions, seizures, and loss of consciousness.

Too long without sugar, and we’re talking life and death.

In most cases, the solution is to get a hit of sugar.

Anything to get your blood sugar levels back to normal: fruit juice, soda, candy.

These symptoms are bad enough. But if your blood sugar has really plummeted, you can actually lose consciousness.

And that’s something you definitely DON’T want to have happened when you’re at work, or driving, or cooking dinner at home.

It’s not just embarrassing for you, but terrifying for your friends and family.

It can also be downright dangerous.


We’re about to tell you about an incredible NEW solution to this scary situation.


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