Delicious Ways to Lower Blood Glucose

When most people are asked to list their favorite things in life, there’s one that almost EVERYONE agrees on.

(besides family, and the dog, and watching Game Of Thrones)


Who doesn’t love food?

Who doesn’t think about – and enjoy – at least one specific type of food every day?

Who doesn’t leap out of bed at the prospect of another day of eating?

Then… along comes diabetes.

And suddenly you’re very conscious that certain foods are NOT to be savored any more.

As you know, being diagnosed with diabetes means a lifelong commitment to watching your blood sugar levels.

That means watching everything you put in your mouth.

It also means keeping certain foods as far away from your plate as possible.

Foods that you probably used to enjoy.

Foods like candy, doughnuts, white bread, deep-fried chips and anything that comes in a packet.

For many people, the thought of never being able to enjoy Coke and Cheerios again is pretty devastating.


In fact, there are LOADS of other foods.

Foods that are not only delicious and satisfying, but that will help you to manage your blood sugar levels.

Foods that can be MEDICINE.

That’s right: eating certain foods can not only HELP keep your blood sugar in check – they can even lower it!

(And we’re not just talking Brussel sprouts and beets – although those are incredibly good for you).

Diabetes isn’t the end of your love affair with food. It could be the very beginning.

Your diet is about to get very exciting.

Stand by for the world’s best medicinal foods!


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