Defy Diabetes With Your Mind


Whatever you’re doing right now, stop it.

Because I need your FULL ATTENTION.

That means you have to put down what you’re eating, turn off the TV, forget about what your boss said in the meeting today and


See how many distractions are around you?

The three I’ve just mentioned are some of the worst.

But I’m willing to bet that they’re just barely scraping the surface in terms of what consumes your mind every day.

But that’s my life!

I hear you cry.

I’m busy!

I have a family!

I have to check my emails/Facebook/Instagram because… it’s important!

Sure, okay.

We understand.

Those things ARE important.

But are they as important as your health?

Your ability to think, move, cook, speak, create?

Your LIFE?

Here’s the thing: those little everyday distractions are keeping you only half-present.

They’re also killing you.

No, we’re completely serious.

Researchers have found a whole new reason that there are so many people being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes these days.


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