Carb Rich Diet That Fights Diabetes and Heart Disease

What’s the most-feared word in the diet world today?

No, it’s not “fat.”

(We explain that one in another report!)


One of the hottest diet trends of the past decade is low-carb, high-protein – mostly thanks to Dr. Atkins.

He and a whole lot of other “experts” told us to get off the carbs and get ON the protein.

(Dr. Atkins was seriously overweight when he died, by the way).

The problem with this trend is that everyone now believes CARBS ARE BAD.

And they’re really not.

Especially if you’ve got diabetes.

There’s more to carbs than white bread and potatoes.

Carbs comprise an enormous range of foods.

And if you suffer from diabetes, these foods could save your life.

Most people hear the word, “carbohydrate” and think “sugar.”

But that’s far from the case.

There are good carbohydrates and carbohydrates.

Researchers now know that diets high in carbohydrates are NOT associated with an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

It’s the opposite: the risk decreases as the number of calories from carbohydrates increases.

When compared to low-carb, high-fat diets, diets high in carbs are better at improving sensitivity to insulin.

This is because of the reduced risk of heart disease, often caused by high-fat diets in people with diabetes.

Good carbohydrates include starches and heart-healthy fiber.

These are components of many nutrient-rich foods that should be part of a diabetes diet.


No problem – we’ll break it down into easy, bite-sized chunks!


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