Why Your Light Bulbs Are Giving You A Headache

Getting a lot of headaches lately? Can’t seem to figure out why?

Headaches can be caused by any number of lifestyle factors. You could be stressed, or not drinking enough water. You could be eating something that disagrees with your body.

Or, it could be your light bulbs.

A recent study has shed new light (!) on why more and more people are suffering from chronic headaches in their homes and offices.

Researchers have found that a certain type of lightbulb – one that many, many households and workplaces endorse – is actually causing serious migraines and painful headaches in thousands of people.

Unfortunately, these light bulbs are pretty commonplace these days. It’s highly likely that most of the indoor environments you spend large amounts of time in will be using them.

We’ll reveal why these particular bulbs are causing your head to pound – and what you can do to reduce the effect they’re having on your eyeballs in today’s special report.


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