Why Thick Blood Could Give You A Heart Attack

Have you ever had a heart attack?

Are you at risk of one?

Of course, it’s impossible for some of us to know for sure. The doctor may have told you you’re at risk, but you’re being careful with your cholesterol and blood pressure and it looks like things aren’t serious just yet.

But there’s another factor in the heart-attack scenario.

Thick blood.

No, we’re not talking about the usual factors that make blood more sluggish, like high levels of bad cholesterol. We’re talking about other chemicals that can make your blood more viscous, increasing the risk of clots and blockages. The types of clots and blockages that can be life-threatening.

And you don’t have to be old, or fat or unhealthy to have this problem. You can be as young as 31.

It pays to know now!

We’ve investigated this little-known cause of cardiovascular health issues and discovered exactly what you can do to reduce your own risk!


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