When Whitening Toothpastes Can Make Your Teeth Darker

Whether they’re on a billboard, TV commercial or in a magazine, there’s one thing that every smiling celebrity or model seems to have in common.

Brilliant white teeth.

White teeth are a perfect symbol of health, hygiene and, well, happiness.

After all, a dazzling smile must come from within, right?

Unless, of course, it’s the product of the expensive whitening treatment.

We’ve all heard that it’s possible to make your teeth whiter with expensive laser treatments or bleaching.

But not all of us can afford those pricey luxuries.

Fortunately, there’s always whitening toothpaste!

This special toothpaste is readily available in supermarkets and pharmacies, and product manufacturers claim it can make your teeth up to seven shades whiter.

But new evidence suggests that this toothpaste not only doesn’t work – it could be making your teeth darker.

Read on to find out more!


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