Is Baby Powder Destroying Your Baby’s Lungs? And Your Ovaries?

What’s better than a happy, gurgling baby?

A happy, gurgling baby that smells sweet and clean, that’s what!

Keeping your baby fresh and comfortable is just one of a parents’ many, many jobs.

Good thing there are millions of products out there to help you do just that.

Lotions, creams, wipes, ointments, oils…

And then there’s the one that never should have been on the shelf, let alone on your baby’s bottom.

Baby powder.

Earlier this year, Johnson & Johnson were sued $4.69 billion from 22 women who claimed that the company’s famous baby powder had caused their ovarian cancer.

If baby powder can cause ovarian cancer in women, what could it be doing to your tiny baby?

Although Johnson & Johnson say they will appeal, it’s clear that all is not well in the baby powder world.

So, what’s really in that stuff?

Does anyone actually know if it’s safe or not? Or are you potentially endangering your baby’s life every time you shake that container?

This is the report that EVERY parent needs to read.


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