How Secondhand Smoke Is Destroying Your Child’s Brain

Any smoker will tell you that smoking is bad.

They know it, but believe it, but they keep doing it.

It’s only my lungs that are suffering, they’ll say.

We all gotta die of something.

Well, that’s not quite the case – especially when there are young kids around.

While we’ve always known that secondhand smoking is harmful, new research now shows that children may suffer more than most.

Separate studies conducted over the past few years reveal that children who are exposed to secondhand smoke are not only at risk of health issues such as with their lungs and airways, but also with their cognitive function.

In fact, kids who breathe in cigarette smoke have been found to be at a higher risk of both behavioral disorders and lowered IQ.

How much smoke have your kids been exposed to? How has it affected them?

It’s absolutely vital that you read this special report NOW.


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