Acupuncture Is More Effective Than Prescription Drugs

If you’ve ever been injured or suffered from chronic muscular pain, you might have had someone suggest to you “You should try acupuncture!”

But if the thought of being stuck with thousands of tiny needles sounds like more pain – or just repulsive – read on.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a completely different school of thought from Western medicine.

While our doctors and surgeons base their theories and diagnoses on science, TCM encompasses the flow of “qi” – energy – and how blockages of qi can lead to disease and pain.

And when Western practitioners saw that practices such as acupuncture actually WORKED, they decided to investigate.

Then they recreated it to suit their own Western model.

They even gave it a different name (even though it’s the same technique!).

And guess what?

This ‘Westernised’ method of traditional Chinese acupuncture been proven to reduce pain as well as pharmaceutical drugs.

Want to know what it’s called and how it works?

Read on!


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