The Obesity Code Summary

This summary of the bestselling book by Dr. Jason Fung ‘The Obesity Code’ has been designed for busy people who want to get all of the key points from the original text without having to read the entire book. This text, however. Is not a replacement for the ‘The Obesity Code’ and we strongly recommend reading the original text in addition to this summary.

Who Is Jason Fung?

Dr. Jason Fung is a physician and nephrologist who lives in Canada. As a kidney specialist, he came to the realization that he was merely treating the symptoms of people’s kidney related problems. With the majority of his patients being Type2 Diabetics, Dr. Fung saw a direct link between people’s diet and their kidney issues. In order to prevent the illness that led to kidney failure, he concluded that people had to be educated about how to make smarter nutritional choices.

Dr. Fung committed himself to years of research into the root causes of obesity. The conclusions that he came to form the foundation of The Obesity Code. Dr Fung found that the real weight loss solution lies in:

  • Reducing refined carbs
  • Intermittent fasting

Overview of The Obesity Code

The Obesity Code is divided into six parts as follows:

Part One: The Epidemic – Dr Fung traces the timeline of the obesity epidemic and highlights the contribution of patient family history.

Part Two: The Calorie Deception – Here Dr. Fung tackles the conventional wisdom that losing weight is all about calories reduction, revealing its flaws through numerous studies.

Part Three – A New Model of Obesity – Dr. Fung here introduces the hormonal theory of obesity. The key role that the hormone insulin plays in regulating body weight is fully explored.

Part Four – The Social Phenomenon of Obesity – in this section Dr. Fung explores the social conditions that have led to the obesity edpienic, including poverty and childhood influences.

Part Five – What’s Wrong With Our Diet? – Here Dr. Fung drills down on the role of the three macronutrients – carbohydrates, protein, fat – in weight gain. He also highlights the effects of such artificial sweeteners as fructose.

Part Six – The Solution – In this section, Dr. Fung brings everything together. He provides dietary guidelines to reduce insulin levels and promotes intermittent fasting as a way to effectively treat insulin resistance.


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