The Mistake Most Women Make With Their Makeup

As any woman knows, if you look good, you feel good. Whether you spend five minutes or an hour getting ready each morning, you like to put your best face forward before leaving the house.

And if your skin isn’t perfect, you can always touch it up with a little makeup, right?

Nearly every woman on earth will have at least some type of makeup stashed away in her bathroom, bedroom or handbag. For most of us, it’s simply part of being feminine: a little eyeliner, a touch of eyeshadow and our trusty foundation are standard must-haves.

But did you know there’s a serious mistake that most of us are guilty of – and don’t realize? Worse, this common mistake could actually be aging our skin by causing inflammation, itching and broken capillaries!

You’ve probably been doing this yourself for years. But it’s not too late to stop!


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